Do it Yourself

If you have these questions, then these short trainings are the answer you’ve been looking for.

I’ve put together some mini training sessions to answer the questions I most often receive from clients.

Plus my 21 day Confidence Challenge because it’s amazing!

The 4 Types of Confidence

The 4 types of Confidence are your foundation for getting the confidence you need at will so that you can authentically communicate with your audience and clients.

Once you have the Confidence of Clarity, Motivation, Focus and Results you’ll be making the action you need to whether that’s a vulnerable post or email, getting real smiles in your photos, going live or giving a TED talk!


Confidence of Clarity

When you get nerves all of a sudden that’s your nervous system telling you that it’s uncomfortable, anxious or even scared. There’s no need to railroad our feelings but no one wants to falter in saying the simplest of things especially when you know it all by heart.

There are many tips that actors use and this is one of the quickest and easiest that you can use anywhere anytime to feel confident just when you need it. Please let me know if you get the calming effect or the dose of excitement or both!

coming very soon!


Confidence of Motivation

We all lose motivation at times and especially as entrepreneurs we love the new and shiny things! But a business is all about consistency which can feel boring.

When you become unmotivated and what usually spurs you on isn’t working it’s usually because you’re coming up against a different level of Confidence Blocks and it’s time for a “failproof” method that you can successfully use time and time again. I hope you find it as useful as I do! 

coming very soon!


Confidence of Focus

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with advice from all the experts or get distracted by what doesn’t move the needle. The truth is that in business, as in life, it’s all about communication and connection.

Your audience wants to be seen and be heard by you. You need to show up and see them and hear them to create authentic connection. Being Confidently Visible is priority number 1. It’s what makes the money, frees up your time because you focus on doing what matters most and it brings you joy because you get to work in your zone of genius!

Message me your thoughts on how this class is working for you!

coming very soon!


Confidence of Results

Without action we don’t get results. And whether they are the results we expect or not it’s all extremely useful data. We usually have a lot of information that we aren’t making good use of. And we have a history of “successes and failures” that we should be using to help progress us towards where we want to be.

You can’t repeat your past and expect different results and you can’t go into your future without a plan, or can you? This training is really exciting because it helps you to see your potential for more.

coming very soon!


The Confidence Challenge

21 challenges that you can use to level up your confidence. This isn’t business-specific but what we do in life is how we do everything.

coming very soon!

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CONFIDENCE BLOCKS are the Number#1 reason why you can’t reach and EMBODY the CONFIDENCE of your next level

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Working with body confidence Gok Wan has been one of the amazing results of breaking through my confidence blocks.

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I work with women entrepreneurs who want to level up in their work and life.

After nearly 30 years of professional work and entrepreneurship in male-dominated fields, I’ve been there and done that … and I’ve scaled my businesses in consulting and services well past 6-figures, including my luxury boudoir photography business. What I’ve discovered is that our mind and body are the keys to our confidence that allow us to SHOW UP and BE SEEN & BE HEARD so that you can authentically connect with your audience.

Your mind and body show you the resistance and inner conflict and all you need to do is release or overcome or integrate your confidence blocks so that you can EMBODY CONFIDENCE and BE at your next level.

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