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I’m Elle. And I support you to scale to 7-figures without burnout or sacrificing your relationships

If you’re a 6-figure entrepreneur (or nearly there) who feels stuck, lacking in clarity or focus, unmotivated or overwhelmed and your income is plateauing or even falling backwards (especially after a high) it’s likely that what you’re experiencing is RESISTANCE because you’re approaching or have exceeded your internal upper limit.

As you try to go up from your “normal” e.g., increase your income, visibility, audience, number of clients, prices, create passive income, launch a new program or offer (especially when it’s for more people), etc., your RESISTANCE can kick in …

Procrastination/ Perfectionism

People Pleasing and Avoiding Criticism

Proving you are Smart Enough, Good Enough, Achieving Enough, etc.,

Negative Thoughts, Getting Ill and people and circumstances Preventing your work.

I’m here to support and train you to SHIFT the RESISTANCE with Healing and Mindset and Mind-Body Connection so that you can have your new “normal” at higher and higher versions of you without sacrificing your health (burnout) or relationships (breakdown).

MESSAGE ELLE ON 07534143218 or @ellebrightofficial

The BRIGHT Effect is the proven method to help you to EMBODY YOUR NEXT LEVEL

so that you can have the income, time freedom and fun you truly desire from your business.

I discovered The BRIGHT Effect method because of my boudoir photoshoots and working with Gok Wan MBE but you don’t have to have a photoshoot to EMBODY YOUR NEXT LEVEL – it’s just one of the safest, easiest, quickest ways for a woman to embody her next level in her life and it’s also a hell of a lot of fun!


There are 5 key styles of Entrepreneurship and 3 variations of each.

The BRIGHT Effect QUIZ is coming so that you can know which is your type and how to SHIFT the RESISTANCE in the quickest and easiest way for you.

Right now you can MESSAGE ME on 07534143218 or @ellebrightofficial on Facebook or Instagram for a 20 min MINDSET CLARITY CHAT

so that I can help you to know your type and the best way forward for you.


The RESISTANCE is just trying to protect you. What’s “normal” for you is safe. Beyond that RESISTANCE comes up. It may not make sense or be logical because it’s a part of our unconscious mind and body. It’s not your fault, it’s automatically created from your unique combination of DNA and life experience.

You are not the problem

It’s likely that you’ve inherited or been trained to have or are surrounded by thoughts and beliefs or feelings and emotions that are causing RESISTANCE.

All you need are tools and support to create the beliefs and influences that allow you to SHIFT the RESISTANCE and EMBODY YOUR NEXT LEVEL

You are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings. You have thoughts and you have feelings and you get to decide which thoughts and feelings you will EMBODY and allow to become automatic patterns. You are not your environment, obviously, and there is plenty you can change so that you are more supported in embodying your next level.

DOWNLOAD my FREE GUIDE so that you can know the 12 CONFIDENCE BLOCKS that may be holding you back and what to do to overcome them.


*** Iconic Wealth for Women SPECIAL OFFER!!! ***

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3 months 1:1

1:1 Coaching + Accountability Messaging + Group Calls




Boudoir Photoshoot + 10 images


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Group Calls


Includes 1 Accountability Message per month


PAYMENT PLAN $600 per month

Your Photoshoot is in-person at my studio (HR2 8JS) or on location (additional cost, destinations are available). We can also have a Confidence Challenge via zoom.

I recommend our iconic White Sheet Shoot inspired by Marilyn Monroe because all you need is a white sheet and you.

You can ADD-ON Headshots and Branding Imagery.

If you choose for your session to be at our studio you can take advantage of over 200 items in our Client Wardrobe, including shoes, and our different sets like Angel Wings, or even our golden clawfoot bathtub or outdoors.

And you will have the opportunity to purchase more images and buy products if you so wish.

contact elle on 07534143218 or @ellebrightofficial

Why Boudoir?

I’d developed super confidence from working in the mining industry, often as the only woman in the jungle or desert (who wasn’t the cook or cleaner) or the only woman at the board meeting who wasn’t the PA.

And when my son was born my husband took on the role of full-time Dad and I flipped my hobby into a luxury award-winning boudoir studio (not to gloss over that – see the full story at www.ellebright.com/workwithelle).

Women would arrive at my photography studio unsure, even scared and leave like a queen, a lioness empowered. They would tell me that a boudoir shoot was more confronting and safer than sky diving, a fire walk or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but that they wanted prove to themselves that they could overcome their fear. And they celebrated birthdays, divorces, kids leaving the nest and more. Women would literally walk out and change their lives for the better in incredible ways – levelling up their business, getting their dream job or the pay rise they finally had the guts to demand, leaving abusive partners, and doing things on their bucket list now not ‘some day’.

So I researched and studied and came to realise that they were EMBODYING the CONFIDENCE of their NEXT LEVEL. And so I developed The BRIGHT Effect method and my ABC Framework and coached women on how to level up yourself and your business with or without a photoshoot.

So why did a boudoir photoshoot help women to level up?

Quite simply, a boudoir photoshoot is the physically safest and yet one of the most psychologically challenging things a woman can do. For women in our society how you feel about your appearance is central to your self confidence. And, as women, we’re constantly bombarded daily with messages as to how our appearance isn’t enough.

A boudoir photoshoot is obviously something that your next level you would certainly have the confidence to get excited about, do and enjoy!

And even publicise! Or at least tell her best friends. The right boudoir shoot for you IS  EMBODYING the CONFIDENCE of YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

And this is why I design EMBODY CONFIDENCE challenges with you. A boudoir photoshoot may not be right for you.

Whatever EMBODY CONFIDENCE challenge you choose you need expert support so that you don’t push yourself too far as that can be psychologically damaging (as entrepreneurs we love big hairy goals, right?) I learnt the hard way with some of my clients early on in my boudoir business. There were the women who didn’t turn up for their photoshoot, the women who didn’t come back to see their photos (I now have same-day viewings), the women who would cancel their order as soon as they got home and women who would fall back into old patterns. There were a myriad of justifications and excuses they told themselves (and me).

And so I became a hypnotherapist, studied somatics and created a proven method – to be able to support my client’s transformation before, during and beyond whatever CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE was right for them.

A boudoir photoshoot it’s one of the safest, fastest, easiest and most enjoyable ways to EMBODY the CONFIDENCE of the NEXT LEVEL YOU.

The Catch-22 of Confidence

The Catch-22 of EMBODYING YOUR NEXT LEVEL is that you’ve gotta BE IT to SEE IT.

And Be and DO and HAVE all that you already can AT YOUR NEXT LEVEL and build from there.

When you can’t buy the car. You rent it and believe you own it.

When you can’t make a presentation in front of 1 person, you start with 0 attendees press record and believe that it’s real.

And when you can’t share authentic posts you get an assistant to share them for you and respond to comments until you can be more authentic and show up live.

When you can’t create photos of yourself with a real smile you hire a photographer who can help you to do that with you until you are able to on your own.

It’s Harmonising Healing, Mindset and Influences so that you can SHIFT RESISTANCE and EMBODY YOUR NEXT LEVEL … NOW

Who is Elle Bright?

I WORK WITH WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WHO WANT to level up but are stuck, unmotivated, frustrated or overwhelmed from not breaking through CONFIDENCE BLOCKS/ SHIFTING RESISTANCE.

Over the past 20+ years of being a professional and entrepreneur I’ve grown several of my businesses well past 6-figures and helped other Women too.

Breaking through my CONFIDENCE BLOCKS is how I got to work with Gok Wan MBE. And by researching and applying my method and becoming a certified Hypnotherapist I came to develop a proven method that supports you to EMBODY YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

Want to know all about the CONFIDENCE BLOCKS that are holding you back? Get my FREE Guide:

GET YOUR FREE assessment

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