The Mindset to Scale to 7-Figures



If you are scaling but plateauing or stagnating

or have to force yourself to work because you’re not feeling it

or are inconsistent in showing because you’re unsure or there is just too much to do

you need to know that it’s not you, it may just be a mindset that you’re inherited or acquired that’s not in alignment with scaling

so instead of blaming and shaming, throwing in the towel or working so hard you burn out or ruin your relationships please get in touch – I’m here to support you to have the Mindset to Scale to 7-Figures without the sacrifice

It’s for the leaders.

The experts.

The visionaries.

Women like you.

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You know scaling will multiply your income, let you work less and have more fulfilment and fun, right? But something’s holding you back.

With my No B.S. system you’ll continuously gain the support, skills and education to get the results.

You get the results to match WHO you are BEING

To scale and be the leader you know you’re meant to be you have to level up your Mindset.

What got you to where your are – the overwork, long hours, neglecting your own needs, pushing through and burning the candle at both ends – might take you to 7-figures but at what cost?

And when you can’t break through a plateau, can’t be more productive than you already are, your team is constantly letting you down or you are just falling out of love with your business … it’s a mindset problem.

You don’t have to sacrifice you or your relationships.

Message me for a quick Mindset Clarity check in the DMs, join my Facebook group that’s specially for Women Entrepreneurs scaling to 7-figures or message me about 1:1 support.

Let’s do this!

Let's do this!


⊕  1:1 sessions – one-off or continued support

⊕  Private Facebook group

⊕  Accountability and Support via messaging

so that you have the Teachings, Accountability and Support you need to R.O.T. – release, overcome and transform what’s holding you back and can scale without sacrificing you or your relationships.

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The method?

The Bright Effect uncovers the hidden patterns that are causing you to lose momentum, passion and progress (you may plateau or even go backwards) so that you can make the aligned action that brings clarity, motivation, focus and the results you desire!

The key to it all is making action aligned that’s in alignment and harmony with you, your life and your business not sacrificing your well-being or relationships.



  You can’t make yourself show up more consistently in fact you may be showing up less than before.

 You get confused about what’s the best way forward.

  You’ve tried everything and just feel like nothing is working.

  You’re worried about becoming overwhelmed or burning out or maybe you have already.


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You are always making


To gain what you need – whether that’s Clarity, Motivation, Focus or making sense of your Results (they all work together in the Wheel of Momentum)

so that you can


in a way that feels fulfilling and even fun for you and

C – COMMIT to continue

and never lose ground or sacrifice yourself or your relationships again.

The Tools & Skills

 Mindfulness & Mindset – From non-judgmentally noticing your internal thoughts and patterns of belief to making the aligned action to transform what is blocking you.

⊕  Bodyfulness & Healing – From non-judgmentally noticing your physical body, emotions and feelings and patterns of feelings and your physical care to making the aligned action to transform what is blocking you.

⊕  Influences – Considers everything external to us, how it impacts us, and changing what we can so that’s it’s as aligned as possible. I apply a number of techniques and modalities including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, nervous system regulation and more so that you have access to what’s most effective for you.

Aligned Action is everything …

When you don’t make aligned action you are teaching your mind and body that it’s OK to stay where you are.

Hello feeling stuck, frustrated or unmotivated and to begin think you should just settle, give up or driven to work so hard that you cause burnout which will force you to re-evaluate everything.

You don’t need to suffer and your work-life harmony and relationships doesn’t either …

There are many kinds of ALIGNED ACTION and you get to discover which is right for you to gain the confidence of clarity, motivation, focus and results.

let's do this

Why Me?

I went from being the first person to do the double degree of law and science at Queensland University of Technology in Australia (it wasn’t even offered, I went to the Dean and asked for it!) to being the only woman boss at remote mining exploration camps responsible for hundreds of people and millions in investment to sitting as a consultant at the table with multi-millionaires negotiating stock exchange deals that involved the GDP of small countries.

And after my son was born and I converted my photography hobby into an award-winning boudoir studio and working with British tv personality Gok Wan MBE.

It was only through the confidence transformation of experience of my clients that I came to realise that I’d been coaching myself and my clients the entire time and so I got certified, developed my method, The BRIGHT Effect, and went on to become an author and international speaker and helped thousands of women.

It’s my mission to support successful women to release, overcome and transform the blocks that hold you back from the success you deserve because empowered women empower women.

I’m here for you if you’re scaling and not achieving your desires.

I’m here for you if you are a dreamer and a doer.

I’m here for you.

talk with me

Most of my clients increase their revenue and have more free time

within weeks of working with me …

and implementing my method. Many significantly increase their revenue, time freedom, fulfilment and fun in this time.

If you don’t get real results, and it’s not a good fit for you, you can opt out anytime.

let's talk about it

Are you ready to scale to 7-figures as the leader you’re meant to be?

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