The ABC Framework that allows you to break through IMPOSTER SYNDROME and level up to 6- & 7-figure years!

Hi, my name is 
Elle Bright.

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Over the past 20+ years of being a professional and entrepreneur I’ve grown my income to 10k months and beyond 6-figure years and helped other women too.

Diving deep and helping them to create a coherent and aligned strategy so they were no longer feeling resistance and conflict so that Imposter Syndrome falls away and the money flows and becomes more and more abundant and enjoyable!

In the process, I discovered that you can break through the IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKS that are holding you back with the ABC Framework of The BRIGHT Effect. You can use it to level up ANY business and achieve the same results I have (or even greater). After levelling up in world class companies and my consultancy in different countries our son was born and I needed a low-no travel business that would give me more time with my family. We relocated to the UK and I alchemized my photography hobby into £10k months in just one year from opening my studio. When the covid-19 pandemic (in 2019 and 2020) closed my studio I began coaching women entrepreneurs and naturally helped them to overcome Imposter Syndrome! So I researched and studied the neuroscience (a couple of science degrees helped with that) and that led to distilling and developing my method!

You probably already know that Affirmations don’t work and that the Law of Attraction on it’s own doesn’t do anything. And if you think about it you might start to believe that you’re the problem and get to fixing yourself only to learn that fixing just leads to more fixing! You are not the problem, you’re quite simply genetically-imprinted and trained to behave in ways that help Imposter Syndrome to take hold (and you live in a society that feeds it!). I’m sure that you can understand that it’s not in our nature to SHOW UP because that puts us at risk of being “taken down”. And although that’s not usually life-threatening it can feel like it is! No wonder we get stuck, crippled with self doubt and believing we need to be, do or have more before it’s “enough”.

So if you want to overcome fear of SHOWING UP live, in-person, in front of a crowd, in images, video and in print, Rewiring Imposter Syndrome with the BRIGHT Effect is for you!

My book The BRIGHT Effect outlines the ABC Framework in detail … and is due for release in 2023.

Now, I want to offer you the opportunity to get the pre-order E-book as soon as it’s available.

You’ll discover the process I used and how to apply it to your own business — whether it’s mature, growing, or you’re just starting out…

Making a healthy income from your true passion and allowing it to scale in alignment with your values without getting burnt out (or stressing you out) is what I want for you.

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What I discovered is that The BRIGHT Effect happens when you break through and REWIRE your IMPOSTER SYNDROME with the ABC Framework

The BRIGHT Effect is, quite simply, being in the zone of flow, of joy free from BLOCKS, because when you are there the clients, the work, the freedom and the money you desire all come to you easily.

What to do to break through your IMPOSTER SYNDROME and release you from limiting beliefs, procrastination and perfectionism, and the money stories that are holding you back?

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The ABC Framework

Get Aligned & Take Aligned Action

Break Through


and Release Yourself from IMPOSTER SYNDROME

How is IMPOSTER SYNDROME wrecking havoc?

In your physical health and the health of your work or business ...

If you're suffering from:

  • Burnout
  • Not having the time to exercise or eat healthy
  • Not taking time away from your work
  • Waking up worried about your work

The truth is that anything that isn't promoting living your best life and work an IMPOSTER BLOCK for you. So the question really is ... what defines success for you and how successful do you want to be?


In your mental health and the mindset of your work or business ...

Thoughts that are repeated or charged with emotion become beliefs and beliefs are how we contextualise everything we experience and perceive. Which means that beliefs can set us free or hold us back. IMPOSTER BLOCKS hold us back from believing that our success is not only possible but inevitable.

You may be suffering from:

  • Perfectionism
  • Catastrophizing
  • Addictions and Distractions

Your work may be suffering from:

  • Second guessing yourself and doubting your capabilities even when you've proof that you can
  • Not knowing and respecting the boundaries between you and your work

You need to make decisions that are aligned to your values, not to uphold and entrench beliefs that don't serve you.

For example, when you believe that rich people are cheating the system your mind will never allow you to become rich and will in fact sabotage your efforts to earn what you're worth!


In your heart and the motivation of your work or business ...

Actions always speak louder than words.

But your actions will always follow your thoughts. You can probably willpower whatever you want for a while but it will eventually break you or what you are doing.

And your heart will always react to your actions and let you know if you're in alignment.

Did you know that our body has three brains? There are neural systems that link directly with the brain in our head that reside in our gut and our heart. Studies have revealed that humans have around 40,000 cardiac neurons, working together to communicate across the heart’s nervous system, from the heart up along the vagus nerve to the head brain. The gut brain is hidden in the walls of your digestive system and is called the enteric nervous system. It consists of two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract from the oesophagus to the rectum.

We've all felt our gut's intuition and often let our head over rule. This concept was in our language long before science caught up.

And so your intentions and goals will only feel in alignment with you when you "feel" it. Going against your "heart" or your "gut" is causing you inner conflict.

You or your business are going against your heart when:

  • you Procrastinate
  • you feel Slimy or Salesy
  • you feel that your communications are full of Tactics
  • you feel that you're Hustling and not really connecting
  • you've got help tried guides and programmes and gurus but nothing is "right", something is always missing or feels off


In your soul and the passion of your work and business ...

As Stephen Covey said, you don't want to put your ladder against the wrong wall.

You may or may not know your purpose now but when you look back in time you'll see the thread of it in your life growing thicker and stronger the more that you have followed your soul.

But you definitely know the purpose of your work.

And when you dread your clients or what you do you are clearly out of alignment.

When you question what all this is for and don't have an answer you are clearly out of alignment.

The soul knows what it wants and it's always about connection, love and helping others and that's why contributing to the world through your work or business is one of the most incredible things you can do.

WORK with elle

Overwhelm and Burnout are IMPOSTER BLOCKS

Feeling salesy is an IMPOSTER BLOCK

Dreading any part of your work or business is a IMPOSTER BLOCK

When you align you and your work it becomes easy to make the right action. You don't need willpower and hustle to push through. Aligned Action is the joy of fulfilling your dreams everyday whilst bringing home the money!

Isn't that why you work?

Ready to unlock the growth of your work or business?

work with elle

Who is The BRIGHT Effect for?

This is for Women Professionals or Entrepreneurs if...

You are overwhelmed with your To Do listBecause let's be honest, it never ends.

The BRIGHT Effect equips you with the understanding of how to create clarity and simplicity inside of your life and your work. This allows you to create in alignment with how you want to live your life. You control your work, your work shouldn't control you. 

You don't have a clear path to your next income level: Instead of feeling overwhelmed and not sure exactly what to do to level up, the BRIGHT Effect helps you understand how to build your strategy, the strategy that's right for you. 

You are feeling unmotivated and stuck:  The truth is that if you've been overworking and don't feel clarity, trying the next hack or guru, even if it doesn't feel right (maybe downright slimy), you can't get the results and the freedom you want. The BRIGHT Effect helps you to feel motivated and allows you to see a new path away from being stuck towards clarity.

You desire to alchemize your growth and understanding: You realise that you're smart and can utilise the knowledge and wisdom of those who have done it before (and might know a couple things that you don't).

You understand the power of mentorship and information: Yes you are the one who has to do the work, the one who is really ready not to just talk about it but to actually do what it takes.

You don't want to use hustle or dirty tactics anymore: The BRIGHT Effect helps you get out of the "hustle" and willpower and instead elevate your work so that it's full of ease and freedom instead of pushing and using pure will.

If you're a Woman Professional or Entrepreneur who wants to

earn 10k+ months with freedom and ease  ...

The BRIGHT Effect is going to give you the clarity and understanding you need.

work with elle

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We'll keep in touch via email and as soon as the Excerpt is available we'll email you the download link. Please add to your safe sender list. We never wish to spam you

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Who is Elle Bright?

I WORK WITH WOMEN WHO WANT 10-100k MONTHS and a 6- & 7-FIGURE earnings

Over the past 20+ years of being a professional and entrepreneur I've grown several of my businesses past 6-figures and helped other Women too.

Work that you love which brings you 10-100k+ months with freedom and ease and guilt-free joy can be yours too.


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