so that You Can Be the C-Suite Professional or 6- or 7-figure Entrepreneur who SHOWS UP and enjoys their money and freedom

Women who suffer from IMPOSTER SYNDROME find themselves feeling like a fraud, an imposter, and get stuck or overwhelmed and burnt out because of one or more of these subconscious agendas:

You want everything to be “perfect”

You want to get everything “right”

You feel you need to work “harder”

You feel you need to learn and know “more”

You are anxious or even scared of “negative” judgement

So even though you’re a high achiever with “proof on paper” you don’t allow yourself to be fully confident and instead are plagued by self doubt.

IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKS can make SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD in person, in social media, writing and more – just pure torture. And when you do SHOW UP you aren’t satisfied with it and just “know” it’s not enough!




Working with Elle 1:1 is designed around what you need. We usually start with a DEEP DIVE and work at high intensity and at a pace that is right for you, speeding up or slowing down, as required. Experiencing and learning how to overcome and release resistance to the IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKS that are putting your body, mind, heart and soul out of alignment so that you can SHOW UP & BE SEEN & HEARD. It takes dedication and commitment because you will be taking action after the sessions, this is not a passive experience, but overcoming and releasing yourself from your IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKS becomes easier and easier as the resistance falls away.

Elle only takes on 3-8 clients in a 1:1 capacity at a time so that you get maximum dedication. Some clients only require 1 session and others continue to work with Elle for several months or intermittently on an as-needed basis.

This is not a dependent relationship – this is about empowering you to be able to do this for yourself with the support you need.






The 12 week CONFIDENTLY VISIBLE LIVE COURSE is designed to take you through:

Determining how you want and need to SHOW UP & BE SEEN to maximise income and minimise use of your time and energy so that you have the money, freedom and ease and joy you desire.


Overcoming & Releasing the IMPOSTER BLOCKS that are holding you back from SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD.

There are 12 key IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKS and 9 subconscious agendas and we work through all of them.




Number #1 reason why you are leaving money on the table and don’t have the freedom and ease and joy you dreamed of


How to Create


When you can show up you just don’t feel comfortable





How to Create


When you can’t show up (not trauma-related)





How to Create


When you can’t show up because of trauma (known or unknown)






The BRIGHT Effect Method is based on aligning your mind, body, heart and soul and when you “hate” your body that can create a massive IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCK to SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD

21 sessions





The Self Study VAULT

A Collection of the Self Study modalities of The BRIGHT Effect that you can learn to apply yourself to release IMPOSTER SYNDROME BLOCKs to SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD




Here’s a taste of my recent journey. After a key management role I grew my hobby into a 6-figure business from 0 in a new country

What I want for you is to skip past the confusion, the waiting and the fear and earn what you desire NOW and have the freedom you desire NOW and enjoy it guilt free!

If you’re a Woman Entrepreneur who wants to ditch Imposter Syndrome Blocks that are holding you back from SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD – going live, making videos, presenting, showing up in images, writing and publishing I’m here to help you!

For me what it all came down to was that I wanted to turn my now-and-then photography on-the-side into a fully fledged business.

I was driven.

Even though I’d never depended on my photography as my only income. I had no website, systems or contacts and no formal training whatsoever. I could barely use Photoshop to convert an image to black and white!

On paper I was crazy.

Shall I blame my pregnancy hormones?

The truth is that I had a burning desire and when that desire and my confidence were bigger than my fears I believed that I could find a way to break through.

I had extreme confidence built from challenging myself in my previous career – as an international mining consultant I was used to stepping out into the unknown, figuring out the science and making it work. I’d been responsible for budgets worth tens of millions. I’d been responsible for peoples lives in the desert or the jungle and had a near death experience myself more than once.

So why did I need to turn my now-and-then photography on-the-side into a fully fledged business?

An extreme combination of events:

My husband’s job fell through when I was 8 month’s pregnant when we were living in Colombia, South America.

We had already decided that it was going to be impossible for me to return to my pre-baby work as it involved extensive travel, sometimes to dangerous places, and we’d planned on living in Colombia for a few years with my husband’s job and I was going to do some more photography on-the-side of babies and children whilst our son was young and I wanted to work towards creating portraits of women.

But with no job for either of us in the immediate future we decided to move back to the UK (we had a house there) and it was then that I determined that I would focus on making my photography into a real business. 

Easier said than done!

I got myself a start up loan to buy lighting equipment and we lived off our savings. In my son’s nap time I bought programmes and guides and tried to learn absolutely everything! I trained in Photoshop, created my website and made business cards and flyers. I had almost no clients. I had no idea who to do to market my business.

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = none yet! I was full of enthusiasm

I photographed babies and children for a national boutique brand only making money on rare in-person sales. I missed out on so many sales opportunities – I just didn’t see the potential or know how to ask for them. I did local networking and photographed families and babies and children on-location and began to develop systems but my marketing was hopeless, sales were infrequent and I couldn’t talk about pricing and felt salesy. I was practically working for free and sometimes losing money.

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = Feeling like a Failure, Feeling Fake

I applied for and got a job photographing newborns for a multi-national company. In just months I had photographed over one hundred babies sometimes driving over an hour each way. It was wonderful to create those special images but I learnt practically nothing and knew I had to learn the business side of photography and work in my own business. I was earning peanuts and spending long hours away from my toddler.

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = Feeling like a Failure, Fear of Failing, Feeling Fake, Not Focussing on Us

Working for myself I focused on photographing families and children because that felt easy to get clients, although I never had enough clients because my marketing was almost non-existent, and even though I loved the images that I created, especially of kids I was tired of traipsing all over and getting lost in the Welsh countryside!

In my heart I really wanted to photograph women. At the time I didn’t even ask myself why but looking back it seems so obvious – having always always worked in a male-dominated fields (in law, science, mining consultancy and photography in the days of film) I wanted to help professional women, like me, reconnect with their femininity, and as a mother myself I wanted to help women to rediscover their womanliness as their children grew older. So rather than portraits what I really wanted was to be a boudoir photographer. I was once told that we create our businesses to work through our own personal development. Wow!

I was stuck in a cycle of not knowing how to market my business, not having enough clients and not making enough money – I was struggling!

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = Competition & Comparison, Not Visualising, Not Letting Go, Not Focussing on Us, Not Showing Up & Being Seen, Feeling Fake, Feeling Like a Failure, Letting Ego Rule, Being Labelled, Fear of Failure & Fear of Success

So I tried to use our guest room as a studio for women’s headshots but it was tiny and awkward and didn’t feel good enough so I hired local halls and spaces for my clients and got volunteer and paid work photographing events and branding on-location for national charities. I was busy but spinning my wheels. I was still not marketing, still working for peanuts and focused on appearances!

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = Not Showing Up & Being Seen, Feeling Fake, Feeling Like a Failure, Letting Ego Rule, Fear of Failure & Fear of Success

Wanting a studio and knowing that I needed to learn marketing so that I could photograph the clients I wanted and earn what I wanted to earn I got a job in a start up dog photography studio that was over an hours drive away and paid gurus to learn as much of the business as possible. I side-stepped the whole issue of making my own business work with the excuse of learning more from someone else who didn’t really know what they were doing! Paying gurus to learn doesn’t achieve anything until you apply it!

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = Not Showing Up & Being Seen, Feeling Fake, Feeling Like a Failure, Letting Ego Rule, Fear of Failure & Fear of Success

I had already spent months trying to find a studio space not far from my home (we lived in a tiny village 45 minutes drive from the nearest city) and after talking with local businesses it was the easiest thing in the world to rent a space in a bridal shop so that I could finally focus on photographing women! I finally decided that I had to face my fear of failing. I had finally decided to stop procrastinating and take action. I had finally decided to create systems, talk about pricing and truly show up for my business photographing boudoir!

Key IMPOSTER BLOCKs = on hold!

Acknowledgement of My Vision

Alignment of my REALITY with my VISION with a Focused Full Mind, Body, Heart & Soul … YES!


And Make Aligned Action!

Then, just weeks later there was a fire in the room above and the shop and the shop was inaccessible for months for repairs. I restarted my search in earnest and put in an application for a space in a historic building in a city about 45 minutes drive away, and then, it occurred to me that I had never looked in the countryside. And bam! I could not believe my luck! I had discovered an incredible place to photograph and empower women, a restored chapel on a beautiful estate owned by Prince Charles (now King Charles) located 20 minutes drive from local towns and my home that was situated near the border of England and Wales, 3hrs drive from London. I signed the lease!


I did a few test shoots and worked on my website, learnt some basics of Facebook ads and started marketing my business whilst my landlord did some repairs. And half of the floor area was sticky with varnish when I had my first paying client at my studio in September 2018. I didn’t even have a bedroom set just a blow up mattress and a rug on the floor. 

My vision began to become my reality.

Commit & Continue to Create My Vision 

At first I offered portraits and boudoir and then just boudoir. I focused on marketing my White Sheet Shoot inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s 1961 photo session with Douglas Kirkland and my clients were loving it. I kept raising my prices. I kept developing and refining my systems. I hired and trained staff. I paid to learn everything I could to improve my business and implemented what I learnt every day.

My vision continues to become my reality.

In just 12 months from the first client at my studio I’d photographed over 100 women, was earning £10k months and had started working with Gok Wan MBE (of Look Good Naked and Say Yes to the Dress fame) photographing him on tour across the UK.

Commit & Continue to Create My Vision

During the covid-19 pandemic when my studio was closed I researched and studied and applied all that I could about the neuroscience of my break through experience and the life-changing transformations of my boudoir clients – women would leave my studio and ditch abusive husbands, start incredible businesses and go on around-the-world trips!

This led me to develop The BRIGHT Effect method and coach Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs around the world on How to Overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME Blocks.


The ABC Framework

A – ALIGN YOUR REALITY with your Vision and Make Aligned Action

B – Break Through

C – Commit and Continue to Create Your Vision

I have a method that’s more effective than law of attraction, tapping, NLP and others (but I do use these as support you can easily learn to do on your own) – it harnesses the power of your own mind so that you can break through your IMPOSTER BLOCKS but, there are two components of my method which are unlike other methods:


Your IMPOSTER BLOCKS are just limiting beliefs that are holding you back from SHOWING UP & BEING SEEN & HEARD so that you can create your Vision. Like any belief they can be changed and those changes must first happen in your mind.



Otherwise all the confidence you’ve gained can be lost!

I can help you to do this and teach you to do this for yourself.

The truth is that there are always more IMPOSTER BLOCKS that can come up each time you level up but knowing what to do to break through and release them sets you free to earn more with freedom and ease and enjoy it guilt-free!

Since developing the BRIGHT Effect Method …

I get to empower and celebrate women in my Photoshoots, my social media and PR and I have written a book, “UnMasking the Imposter” with images and testimonials of women from my Photoshoots who have experienced a White Sheet Shoot (inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s 1961 session) so that we can inspire more women to accept, love and celebrate themselves

My images have been shortlisted, published and awarded

My studio is now one of only a few true luxury studios in the UK that has given me £10k days and irreplaceable time with my family

I get to work more with Gok Wan MBE

And I get to coach Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs around the world on how to Overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME with The BRIGHT Effect. And the book about my method will be released in 2023.

And the life of my dreams just keeps getting better and better.

Now it’s your time

Let me help you

the Woman who wants to know

how to get free of your Imposter Blocks

so that you can earn  your 6- & 7-figure years

with freedom and ease and enjoy it!

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